Bali Zoo Park

Tour Code : 765
Bali Zoo Park this is the place where you can benefit to learn more about us.

Whether to plan a visit, get to know our scheduled events or maybe purchase your tickets before you arrive here, we will help you realizing one of the best day out activities you will ever experienced.

Up close and personal with our friendly inhabitants, casual tea time or indulge in romantic dining experience under the stars, make sure to inform our helpful staff of your preference.

Bali Zoo Park Packages:

-Zoo Admission
  • Adult Rp.95.000
  • Child Rp.75.000

1. Set Menu Nasi Campur/Nasi Goreng
  • Adult Rp.80.000
  • Child Rp.85.000
2. Set Menu Bebek Crispy
  • Adult Rp.110.000
  • Child Rp.120.000
3. Indonesia Buffet
  • Adult Rp.150.000
  • Child Rp.120.000

-Night At The Zoo
  • Adult Rp.320.000
  • Child Rp.235.000

-Elephant Back Safari Only
  • Adult Rp.325.000
  • Child Rp.235.000

  • Adult Rp.315.000

Details Of Packages:

-Zoo Admission includes: Miniapolis Jungle,Waterpark,Animal Encounters & Show,Insurance.

-Night At The Zoo includes: Night Zoo Admission,Hand Feeding the Elephant & Animal Encounters,Fire Dance Show,Set Menu Dinner/Buffet and Insurance.

-Elephant Back Safari Only includes: Elephant Ride(30 Minutes),Hand Feed Elephant,Animal Encounters,Souvenir,Insurance.

-Outbound includes: Zoo Entrance,Trainer,Facilitator Team,Game Tools,Team Building Games,Buffet,Lunch,Snack/Coffee Break,Sound System,First Aid,Insurance.
Note:Minimum 30-150 Persons.

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