Balinese Temple Festival

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Temple festivals take place in various places and at various times. You will be provided with a list of the forthcoming festivals at the time of booking this tour.

Temple festival, locally known as Odalan. The Odalan festival celebrates the anniversary of a temple's consecration and is held over about 3 days, every 210 days. This is the festival that visitors to Bali are most likely to see and it includes a great feast to which all villagers are invited.

The Balinese prepare the odalan for many days beforehand by cleaning the temple, building altars and awnings, erecting flag poles, and preparation offering.

A Temple festival is the time when the deities and the ancestors "come down" to visit the people. The temple is made as beautiful a possible to welcome them. The key is respect. You will be appreciated by your Balinese hosts.

Important: Balinese women observed the religious rule that they do not enter a temple during their time of menstruation. Visitors are asked to respect this rule.

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